STUFF PEOPLE Frequently ask

You can always call us to ask questions about things but we will try to give you some background here:


Delivery Schedule (we will hand deliver on request or to keep a BTG or feature going...)

Fairfield County: Tuesday and Friday

New Haven County:  Wednesday and Friday

Hartford:  Wednesday and Thursday

Shoreline East:  Wednesday

Litchfield:  Thursday



Order board phone: 203-304-9191

Order email:

Minimum order $75

Order cutoff time: 5pm the day prior (subject to change)

Shipping fee $0

Case breaking fee $0 (unless you just want to order 1 bottle - come on do at least 6..!!...or we will charge you $25)



Jim Daly     Founder, Managing Director

203-304-9191 (office)


*  There are other people who work here too, but Jim usually will answer the phone and he is in charge or paying people so that is the best contact to start with...


New stuff that you want us to consider

If you are a winery or importer and would like consideration of distribution, please send an email with a clear subject.

We review all new portfolio additions constantly